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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Data Analytics Minor

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Professors: Cheryl Beaver, Scott Beaver, Hamid Behmard, Laurie Burton, Breeann Flesch, Jie Liu, Becka Morgan, Scot Morse
Associate professors: Matthew Ciancetta, Lucas Cordova, Matthew Nabity, Thaddeus Shannon
Assistant professors: Ben Coté, Leanne Merrill


The Data Analytics program prepares students to thrive in the constantly evolving field of working with big data. The field is interdisciplinary by nature and is built on a foundation of Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Systems and Data Analytics courses. This program emphasizes the applied practice of data analytics techniques for solving problems in the real world.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use relevant technology for the analysis of large, complex, or messy data sets to design, implement, and evaluate analytics-based solutions.
  2. Use quantitative information in connection with the argument or purpose of the work, present it in an effective format, and explicate it with consistently high quality.
  3. Collect, analyze and assess evidence to reach informed conclusions and judgments.

Elective Credits: 4

One upper-division CS, MTH, DATA or IS elective planned with the help of a minor advisor 

Total Credits: 27-28

Satisfactory Grade Use

Program requirements may be fulfilled with a grade of S.

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