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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aquarium Science, B.S.

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Provide theory and practical experience designed to prepare students for careers in the aquatic animal husbandry profession, including positions as aquarists, aquatic biologists, and keepers. Potential employment opportunities include public zoos and aquariums, ornamental fish retailers and wholesalers, aquaculture businesses, fish hatcheries, research programs, marine educational centers, state and federal natural resource agencies, as well as self-employment.

Learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking by engaging in laboratory experimentation, field research, data analysis and interpretation at multiple course levels.
  2. Effectively communicate, verbally and in writing, scientific concepts, research findings and ideas to professionals and the general public.
  3. Maintain, analyze, diagnose and repair aquarium life support systems and their components.
  4. Perform basic water quality analysis using standard testing equipment.
  5. Maintain healthy animals through proper set-up, monitoring and accepted animal husbandry practices.
  6. Identify physically compromised animals and abnormal animal behaviors.
  7. Work within a group to conceptualize, plan, construct and manage environments that promote the health of fishes and invertebrates.

Formal admission to the AQS major is required to begin coursework at OCCC. Students must have less than 32 credits remaining in their Foundational Science and Business and Economics courses in order to be admitted to the major.

Core Courses

Oregon Coast Community College Aquarium Science courses

  • AQS 100 Introduction to Aquarium Science Credits: 3
  • AQS 110 Aquarium Science Practicum 1 Credits: 2
  • AQS 111 Aquarium Science Practicum 2 Credits: 2
  • AQS 165 Current Issues in Aquarium Science Credits: 1
  • AQS 173 Chemistry of Aquatic Systems Credits: 4
  • AQS 215 Biology of Captive Fishes Credits: 4
  • AQS 216 Elasmobranch Husbandry Credits: 2
  • AQS 220 Biology of Captive Invertebrates Credits: 4
  • AQS 226 Biology of Diverse Captive Species Credits: 2
  • AQS 232 Reproduction & Nutrition of Aquatic Animals Credits: 4
  • AQS 240 Life Support System Design and Operation Credits: 4
  • AQS 245 Animal Husbandry in a Research Capacity Credits: 2
  • AQS 252 Exhibits and Interpretation Credits: 4
  • AQS 270 Fish & Invertebrate Health Management Credits: 4
  • AQS 295 Aquarium Science Internship Credits: 12

Total Credits: 120-122


Western Oregon University has an undergraduate graduation requirement stipulating that 45 of the last 75 credits of a degree must be completed in Western Oregon University courses. For students accepted into the AQS degree program, Oregon Coast Community College AQS courses are not counted as part of the last 75 credits of the degree.

Satisfactory Grade Use

Program requirements are not fulfilled with a grade of S.
Do not select Satisfactory/No Credit grading for any courses that will be used in the program.

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