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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies, B.A.

Professors: David Doellinger, Mary Pettenger


To introduce students to important concepts and issues in world affairs. Students will acquire advanced language skills and knowledge of geopolitics, history and culture. Participation in study abroad, a global internship or field research abroad prepares the student for an international career. This major is also excellent preparation for graduate study in a variety of fields that emphasize language, geopolitics, history and culture.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply interdisciplinary approaches to critically analyze issues of global significance.
  2. Demonstrate reading, speaking and writing skills of a second language at a “general professional proficiency” level.
  3. Increase cross cultural knowledge through an international experience and regional study.

Regional and Topical Content

Modern Language Specialization Credits: 24

Study of a second modern language (in the same language) through the third year or above of university level instruction or equivalent. First-year language courses may not be counted toward the major. International students, who speak English as a second-language and have passed an approved English language assessment test (e.g., TOEFL), can substitute additional courses in the regional and topical areas of the major for the 24 language credits (subject to pre-approval by the International Studies adviser).

International Experience

The major requires at least eight weeks of international experience consisting of study abroad, an international internship, and/or field research abroad, selected in consultation with and approved by the student’s adviser.

Total Credits: 70

Satisfactory Grade Use

Program requirements are not fulfilled with a grade of S.
Do not select Satisfactory/No Credit grading for any classes that will be used in the program.