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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Literature Minor

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Professors: Kathleen Cassity, Henry Hughes, Gavin Keulks, Marjory Lange, Katherine Schmidt, Uma Shrestha, Robert Troyer
Associate professors: Ann Bliss, Leigh Graziano, Lars Söderlund 


Provides personalized learning opportunities leading to advanced studies or a variety of careers including teaching, writing, editing, linguistics and literature. The various programs help students develop a broad knowledge of literature, language and writing to foster analytical and critical skills. Students encounter new ideas; appreciate aesthetic and practical language; become impassioned readers, writers and thinkers; and gain perspectives in assimilating and evaluating their new experiences.

Core Courses

  • One 200-level Literature or English course  Credits:  4

Elective Credits: 12

Upper-division Literature or English courses.

Must be approved by adviser.

Total Credits: 20


Students planning a minor in literature, linguistics or writing need to be aware of prerequisites for upper-division courses. Students with a major in one of these areas and a minor in another need to plan with an advisor additional classes in the minor to replace courses taken in the common core. Planning with an advisor is essential.

Satisfactory Grade Use

Program requirements may be fulfilled with a grade of S.

Literature (LIT) course requirements may not be fulfilled with a grade of S. Do not select Satisfactory/No Credit grading for any LIT courses that will be used in the program.

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