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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Studies in the Deaf Community, B.A.S.

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We live in a linguistically diverse world where individuals see through a multitude of lenses. In this program, we equip professionals to connect people across their differences and to assist them in navigating through barriers to opportunities in areas, such as education, community services, and employment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop critical analysis skills including: situational assessment; ethical reasoning; cultural intelligence lens, and research methodologies.
  2. Demonstrate collaborative and cooperative abilities when engaging with colleagues, community members, and other teams.                
  3. Integrate academic foundation, world knowledge, critical analysis skills, communication skills, and language fluency by engaging meaningfully, collaboratively, and intentionally in communicative interactions.      

Field Experience Credits: 12

Selected from the following, as approved by the major advisor

Cultural Intersections Credits: 12

As approved by the major advisor

Choose One

  • Modern Language Credits: 12
    • Level 200-203 or above
  • Upper-Division Credits: 12
    • Anthropology, American Sign Language, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, or study abroad experience.

Language & Communication Credits: 12

As approved by the major advisor.

  • English, Literature, American Sign Language, Interpreting, and/or electives from French, German, Spanish or other language.

Elective Credits: 17

As approved by the major advisor.

  • Selected from the Field Experience, Cultural Intersections, and/or Language & Communication categories, as approved by a major advisor.

Total Credits: 90


Students must transfer to WOU with an AAS degree to complete this program. 

To complete the Professional Studies in the Deaf Community coursework, students work with an academic adviser to develop the program of study including the core courses curriculum, the Field Experience, the Cultural Intersections category, the Language & Communication category and elective courses.

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