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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, B.A.

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Professors: David Doellinger, Patricia Goldsworthy-Bishop, Bau Hwa Hsieh, Kimberly Jensen
Associate Professor: Elizabeth Swedo


Promote a community of scholars dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, professional and community service. This community connects students with the past through a global and comparative perspective and provides them with the tools for critical thinking and analysis that are the foundation of the liberal arts education.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate primary and secondary historical sources.
  2. Engage multiple historical methodologies and multiple sources to produce well-researched written work.
  3. Explain historical developments across multiple cultures and regions.

Elective Credits: 44

Select at least two courses from four of the five focus areas below and an additional 12 credits of history electives or other electives approved by your advisor.

Consult a History Department adviser in developing your plan. This may include HST 407  seminars on topical/regional areas offered on a periodic basis. With prior approval from their History Department adviser, students may plan a program that includes up to 9 hours of social science electives relevant to their focus areas in history to complete the 44-hour sequence.


Senior Seminar Projects:

Students will work with history faculty to develop a capstone project for their Senior Seminar. In consultation with History Department faculty, students may select to do a thesis paper or an internship or practicum.  Both thesis and internship students will work with History Department advisers, across their senior year, completing their capstone projects in the History Senior Seminar (HST 499 ) in the spring term. HST 420  should be taken the winter term preceding HST 499 . In HST 420 , the student will explore the theoretical foundations of the discipline of history that will become the basis for the HST 499  senior capstone project. 

Students planning on pursing graduate work are encouraged to complete the thesis option, for which students use a research paper created in an upper division history course at WOU as a foundation for their Senior Seminar thesis. These students will revise and expand this topical paper, completing it in HST 499 . For internship capstone projects, students engage in research and writing related to their internship topics in HST 420 . They then complete their practicum or internships with community partners and integrate their experiences and their research in writing in HST 499 .

Total Credits: 72

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