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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Approved General Education Courses

First Year Seminars Credits: 8

Explore interesting topics in small classes while building foundational skills for college success.

Writing-focused Seminar - 1 class, Credits: 4

Quantitative-focused Seminar - 1 class, Credits: 4

Foundations Credits: 10-28

Practice lifelong learning skills applicable throughout your college career.

Mathematics - up to 2 classes, Credits: 0-8

Learn and practice problem solving, modeling, and quantitative reasoning and the communication of mathematical and logical arguments and concepts.

Writing - up to 2 classes, Credits: 0-8

Gain an introduction to processes, strategies, and conventions that promote the effective development and communication of ideas in writing.

Communication and Language - 1 class, Credits: 3-4

Create, deliver, analyze, and receive meaningful messages.

Critical Thinking - 1 class, Credits: 3-4

Effectively analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information and ideas from diverse sources and disciplines

Health Promotion - 1 class, Credits: 4

Apply strategies for maintaining and improving health across the lifespan.

Exploring Knowledge Credits: 20-26

Discover new content and ideas through exploration of a wide variety of scholarly topics. Begin your major while also gaining knowledge beyond it. 

Literary and Aesthetic Perspectives - 2 classes, Credits: 6-8

Study and participate in creative work to foster a deeper comprehension of human culture and the ways in which it affects who we are, both as communities and individuals.


MUEN courses can be taken in multiple terms for 3 credits for a single course in Exploring Knowledge: Literary and Aesthetic Perspectives.

Social, Historic, and Civic Perspectives - 2 classes, Credits: 6-8

Explore different approaches to the study of society and politics, including the contemporary and historical constitution of social and political ideas, relationships, structures and institutions.

Integrating Knowledge Credits: 6-8

Use high impact practices and make connections between different areas of interest for deeper comprehension. Prepare for a dynamic, complex and interconnected world.

Citizenship, Social Responsibility, and Global Awareness - 1 class, Credits: 3-4

Examine the intersection of citizenship with other forms of identity, explore the moral and life obligations inherent to being human, and the degree to which we have an obligation to benefit the whole of society and the world.

Science, Technology, and Society - 1 class, Credits: 3-4

Examine the myriad interrelationships and mutual influences between science and technology and society, culture, and/or politics.