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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Elementary/Middle Level Teaching Preparation, B.A./B.S.

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Professors: Mary Bucy, Maria Dantas-Whitney, Mark Girod, Rachel Harrington, Chloë Hughes, Marie LeJeune, Mickey Pardew, Adele Schepige, Dana Ulveland
Associate professors: Carmen Cáceda, Kenneth Carano, Melanie Landon-Hays, Cindy Ryan, Alicia Wenzel, Greg Zobel
Assistant professors: Natalie Danner, Xiaopeng Gong, Katrina Hovey, Annie Ittner, Maria Peterson- Ahmad, Joshua Schulze


Principled upon educational equity, cultural sensitivity, professionalism and an intellectually vital community. Committed to facilitating the learning and development of our candidates who, in turn, can successfully affect the learning and development of PK-12 students in schools.

Learning Outcomes

The program prepares caring, competent professionals who:

  1. Demonstrate evidence of appropriate content knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for attaining high achievement for all PK-12 students.
  2. Create a climate where diversity is valued.
  3. Successfully affect the learning and development of PK-12 students in schools.

There are special requirements for admission to the education programs. Contact the Teacher Education Division representatives for more information. The College of Education’s Policy Analysis and Review Committee establishes policies and standards that students must meet before being admitted to teacher education courses. Students may explore their interest in teaching during their freshman and sophomore years by enrolling in ED 200 , ED 230 , ED 240 .

The university has found it necessary to evaluate a person’s background to determine his or her likelihood of maintaining standards of professional conduct necessary in the discipline. An evaluation may take into consideration current performance as well as past experiences and actions that could affect a student’s ability to perform in the particular course or program.

Complete with Early Childhood, Early Childhood/Elementary, Elementary/Middle Level, Middle Level/High School or High School Teaching Preparations.

Grade three through grade nine in an elementary or middle level school only.

Core Courses

Elementary/Middle Level Preparations (112-126)

Test requirements: passing score on all required tests. See wou.edu/educationtests.


Additional methods classes must be taken by focus area. Math focus must take ED 374  and either ED 352  or ED 325 . Science focus must take ED 374  and ED 353  (in education core). Any of the social science focus areas must take ED 374  and ED 353  (in education core). Language arts focus area must take either ED 352  or ED 325  and ED 353  (in Education Core). Spanish focus area must take ED 374  and ED 353  (in education core).

Choose One: (5)


Students with science focus must take ES 105  and  BI 102  but not GS 325  .

Social Science (20)

Focus Area (11-16)

Choose one focus area from: Spanish, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Cultural Geography, Regional Geography, United States History, European History, Latin American History, Asian History, Basic Political Science or American Government - see below.

Spanish (12)

Language Arts (11)

Cultural Geography (12)

Regional Geography (12)

United States History (12)

  • Three upper division United States history courses

European History (12)

  • Three upper division European history courses

Latin American History (12)

  • Three upper division Latin American history courses

Asian History (12)

  • Three upper division Asian history courses

Basic Political Science (16)

Initial Licensure

Education majors are required to complete all pre-education courses (all 200, 300 and 400 level with a grade of B- or better) required for the major (early childhood only, early childhood/elementary, elementary/middle, middle/high or high only) prior to entry to the education core.

Requirements for admission into the professional education core include: (1) a minimum overall (or last 90 hours) GPA of 2.75, (2) a minimum GPA of 3.0 in education coursework and (3) for middle and high preparations a minimum of 3.0 in endorsement area content courses.

The professional education core includes three quarters of intensive classes and clinical experiences organized in the following fashion, by authorization level and major. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in education coursework and grades of B- or better in all courses while enrolled in the professional education core.

Professional Education Core (44 credits)

Total Credits (156-170)

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