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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CH 103 Allied Health Chemistry

This 5 credit chemistry course is designed for students interested in the health sciences professions, such as nursing, and for students minoring in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology: Health and Community Track or Forensic Science: Non-Chemistry Majors. This course combines the fundamentals of general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry as applied to the health professions. General chemistry concepts include atomic bonding, measurements, stoichiometry and solutions chemistry, as well as pH and acid-base chemistry. The course is focused on the chemistry of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen containing compounds and examines the structures, properties, nomenclature, reactivity and, in some cases, synthesis of simple organic molecules. The structures and functions of biological macromolecules and common biochemical pathways are also examined as well as their relationship to human health. This course is designed to meet the requirements for pre-nursing curricula and other Allied Health professions majors.
Three lecture hours, one hour recitation, and one two-hour lab section per week.
Credits: 5
Corequisite: CH 103L 
Satisfactory Grading: Ineligible for the Satisfactory/No Credit grade mode.
Exploring Knowledge: Scientific Perspectives

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