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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC)

The “core” is a major component of general education and depends on the degree pursued. B.A., B.S. and B.F.A. students complete the LACC.

Consult major and minor requirements for recommended general education courses and exceptions.

Approved LACC Courses  

B.A. • B.S. • B.F.A. Credits
COM 111  
Creative Arts
Take at least 1 credit from three of the following program areas: art, dance, music, theater. For qualifying courses, see Creative Arts .
Health and Physical Education
Take PE 131  plus one additional activity course. For qualifying courses, see Health and physical education .
Laboratory Science
Take three lab science courses with at least two courses from the same sequence. For qualifying courses, see Laboratory Science .
For qualifying courses, see Literature .
Philosophy or Religion
For qualifying courses, see Philosophy or Religion .
Social Science
Take one 8 or 9 credit sequence. An additional 3-4 credit social science course can be any 100- or 200- level social science course including psychology or criminal justice. For qualifying courses, see Social Science .
WR 122 
Complete by the end of sophomore year at WOU (90 credits), see the first-year writing placement requirement.

Courses that satisfy general education requirements may also satisfy major or minor requirements.

Courses that satisfy “core” requirements may also satisfy writing intensive and cultural diversity requirements.

Courses that satisfy major requirements may not be used to satisfy minor requirements.


First-year Writing Placement Requirement

  • Students scoring below 500 on the old SAT Writing Test (below 21 ACT English) or 560 on new SAT or 2682 on Smarter Balanced or 5 on the Essential Skills Test and have no other college credits in writing will enroll in WR 121 .
  • Students whose scores place them in WR 121  may enroll in WR 122  when they earn at least a C in WR 121  (or its equivalent)
  • Students scoring 500 and above on the SAT Writing Test (21 ACT English) (55 percentile) or 560 and above on the new SAT or 2682 and above on Smarter Balanced or 5 and above on the Essential Skills Test and do not have WR 122  credits (or its equivalent) will enroll in WR 122 .
  • Students scoring above 700 on the SAT Writing Test (31 ACT English) (96 percentile) or 750 and above on new SAT or 2796 and above on Smarter Balanced have the option to place out of WR 122  and satisfy this requirement. Those students who take the Essential Skills Test are not eligible.
  • Students who are admitted to WOU without a test score, known as “Alternately Admitted Students,” will enroll in WR 121 .

Challenge exams will be offered throughout the year at WOU and administered by the Writing Center. Challenge exams are available on the following basis:

  • Old SAT score of 480 or 490; new SAT score of 540 or 550; ACT English score of 19; or Smarter Balanced score of 2649, 2665 or 2681 are eligible to challenge placement in WR 121 .
  • Old SAT Writing Test score of 700, new SAT score 750, ACT English score of 31 or Smarter Balanced score of 2796 are eligible to challenge placement in WR 122 .